Video / Damaging to health sound cannons used on demonstrating students

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The vice president of the Algerian League of Human Rights (LADDH), Said Salhi, denounced last night, the use of Long Range Acoustic Devices by the police against students. One of these LRAD-equipped trucks was deployed this morning in Algiers, near the People’s Palace, as witnessed by one of our envoys. The same truck was used Tuesday near the Grand Poste to repress students as it can be seen in the video below. LRADs have been deemed unconstitutional by multiple courts in the Western world, due to the permanent damages they can cause to individuals who are exposed to their sound waves. LRADs are thought to cause permanent damage to hearing, in some cases even cause death.

LRADs are accepted for use on wildlife, such as in airports to disperse animals that might venture onto runways.

Algerian LRADs, although advertised as made in Algeria, are actually co-produced with the United Arab Emirates, with the technology being neither Algerian nor Emirati.

If your health or someone you know’s health has been damaged by the use of LRADs in Algiers, we encourage you to email and submit your complaint to the prosecutor’s office at the International Criminal Court: [email protected]

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