Martial law, a possibility according to opposition figure

Said Sadi

The former president of the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), Said Sadi, told Liberte Algerie today that “nothing is gained” with regard to the ongoing mobilization against the fifth term and the departure of the system.

I think the provocations exist, that the obscure forces that want to resist change are out there“.

Also, according to the political opponent, who cited reliable sources, the Bouteflika clan is trying to provoke the Algerian youth to be able to enact martial law in the country.

Hence the need to know, he continued, that “the will of Bouteflika is absolutely not to negotiate a transition phase, but to further fossilize the influence of the Bouteflika clan on the country”.

Said Sadi also called all Algerians to be vigilant during the upcoming demonstrations, essentially to watch out for regime paid mercenaries that might seek to cause violence.

Concluding with “If he wants to be the Algerian Gbagbo, let him try. The Ivorian president tried to mess with the street and ended up before the International Criminal Court. This is the fate of despots who do not know how to leave in time“.