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Nothing ‘Free’ About Intersectionality

We have gone from viewing censorship as a tool of repression to facing an outright free speech crisis in the world, and it is extremely concerning. Gone are the days when Socrates gave his life for the good fight against…… Keep Reading

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Herero and Nama genocide
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Remembering the Herero and Nama genocide in Namibia

The collapsed blocks hide their truthOcher, painted wallsLittle men have claimed their pastThe silenced drawingsWe remind rhino, claws,Impalas, lions, hypo, their feet.Their houses in the slots,Trace according to the pathsNomad with wipers erasedThe time of a thousand years to pass.… Keep Reading

Bin Salman Khashoggi
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Mohammed bin Salman must be tried for war crimes

Saudi Arabia’s de-facto leader is not the promised charming face of reform that has seduced the international stage with his promises of economic and social reforms in the conservative kingdom. He emerged as a feminist reformer after he lifted the… Keep Reading

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Hard times for the French in Mali

Following the massacre of around 160 villagers last month in the village of Ogossou-Peulh, located in Mali’s central Mopti region, thousands of Malians rallied in the capital Bamako in April 5th, 2019 to protest the failure of the government and… Keep Reading

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Upsurge of inter-ethnic violence in Mali

According to the United Nations, the village of Ogossou-Peulh, located in Mali’s central Mopti region, was attacked on Saturday morning by armed men dressed as traditional hunters. While the UN rights office said at least 153 people were killed and… Keep Reading

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