Algeria: after the coup d’état comes the propaganda

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Nourredine Bedoui

The regime has launched a counter-offensive to divide the Algerian people since the appointment of Bedoui and Lamamra. One conspiracy theory put forward in an online news outlet takes the cake.

Algerie Patriotique, a media outlet owned by general Nezzar’ son, who is currently under investigation for crimes against humanity in Switzerland for killing thousands of Algerians, published yesterday one of the most ridiculous stories to ever be published in the Algerian media.

According to the news article, which did not provide any evidence, the popular uprising in Algeria is being meddled with by a range of foreign forces, a crackpot theory you could not make up even if you tried to and worthy of a Netflix Original Series.

For starters, according to the media, an israeloserbamazigh plot is underway to destabilise the country.

The article goes as far as claiming the existence of a base in Rabat, Morocco, manned by CIA agents “to deflect the ongoing demonstrations for the destruction of Algeria“.

As for the main protagonists in this theory: four US intelligence agents, six Moroccan intelligence agents, twelve Serb “subversion experts“, members of the Serb organization Otpor, financed by the CIA, eight Algerian Islamists, and a few Berber militants.

According to the article the goal of these cells is to, quoting word for word: “coordinate all current or future planning, financing and supply operations of certain parties currently participating in the Algerian movement and in relation to this center, with the aim of provoking chaos and engaging in confrontations with the Algerian security forces, in order to create favorable conditions for the transformation of the peaceful movement into armed confrontations, to modify the course of events and to define a new trajectory for action and aims“.

Another claim the article puts forward is the existence of operation theaters in Oujda and Errachidia, with their own US-Moroccan-Serbian agents.

Another three military camps dedicated to the mission are also added to the list, one in La’youne, one in Smara and another in Mauritania. Not to mention the close collaboration in the fields of logistics supply, with the Ennahdha movement in Tunisia.

It is Steve Bannon, adviser of Donald Trump, who is in charge from Europe. With the American billionaire George Soros being the main financier of the operation for the benefit of the CIA, claims the article.

The story shows a strong resemblance to what Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars (a known fake news media) often accuses the U.S Democrats of, with George Soros often cited as a mastermind Illuminati figure plotting to overthrow the U.S government.

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