Human Rights

Repression in Algeria
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Call to end human rights violations in Algeria

“For more than four months, the Algerian people have been steadfastly demonstrating their firmness and courage to put an end to a militarized authoritarian system imposed on them since the independence of the country. The people’s demands are reaffirmed every… Keep Reading

Hadj Ghermoul
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Mobilization for Hadj Ghermoul

Hadj Ghermoul (pictured right), a young man from the region of Mascara (western Algeria), an activist of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) and a member of the National Committee for the Defense of the Rights… Keep Reading

Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Campaigning for a respected Algeria

One of the Algiers Herald’s missions is to improve the image of Algeria on the global stage, this is achieved on one level through defending the interests of the true patriots who have been abused under Bouteflika’s reign; in this… Keep Reading

Algerian islamists protest
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Attacked for not observing Ramadan (VIDEO)

Students caught eating at the Bouzareah university campus, in Algiers on Saturday, were attacked by furious islamists. According to the testimony of several students, the attackers violently assaulted the students they had surprised eating secretly in a corner of the… Keep Reading

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