The Algiers Herald is dedicated to reporting on the people and institutions involved in the MENA region, particularly when the issue revolves around human rights, security or corruption. If you have a tip, document, or story idea that you’d like to share with our editors, we offer the following ways for you to contact us securely and anonymously.

The Algiers Herald does not disclose information that could lead to identifying our sources, even if a court was to order us to do so.

Our sources include whistleblowers at various governments and at various hierarchical levels: Le Quai d’Orsay, the Kremlin, the British FCO, the British Home Office, the U.S State Department, the Algerian presidency, to name a few. Our sources have been submitting evidence to us with confidence since the founding of the NGO.

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Encrypted: ProtonMail supports end-to-end encryption only if you are using another ProtonMail account. You can create a free ProtonMail account here. Remember that encrypted email protects the contents of a message but not the subject line, sender information, or recipient email. Therefore, it is good practice to not include any identifying information in the subject line or the email username.

Additionally, we recommend browsing the internet through the Tor network when within authoritarian territories. After installing Tor, make sure you turn off Java Script; Tor is best combined with the use of a VPN in order to add a second layer of security.


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A secure postal address will be communicated in the near future.