Algiers responds

“Ache3b yourid iskat Gaid Salah” (the people want the fall of Gaid Salah), chanted millions of demonstrators today across Algeria, others demanded the election be held in the United Arab Emirates, a


Students are Algeria’s pride

On Tuesday the 16th of April, thousands of students braved the streets of Algiers and other cities to demand the fall of the corrupt regime. They are Algeria’s unsung heroes. Algerians can


The awakening of the giant

I was deeply asleep since 1962 and I vaguely remember very few good dreams in my long coma. Because of the omnipresence of the terrifying nightmares. My colossal body tried to wake


Remembering the Herero and Nama genocide in Namibia

The collapsed blocks hide their truthOcher, painted wallsLittle men have claimed their pastThe silenced drawingsWe remind rhino, claws,Impalas, lions, hypo, their feet.Their houses in the slots,Trace according to the pathsNomad with wipers

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