Algerians do not want to hear what despot Vladimir Putin thinks

Bouteflika with Putin

The man who murders women and children for sport, and turned Russia into a Mickey Mouse nation, has tasked his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with telling the Algerian people that Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the best solution for the country.

According to a statement released today by Sergey Lavrov and Ramtane Lamamra, Russia is worried by the protests in Algeria, citing attempts to destabilize the situation in the country, reported Reuters.

The head of the Russian diplomacy made the statement before his meeting in Moscow with Deputy Prime Minister Ramtane Lamamra, said the same source. It is the second country the “diplomat” visits after Italy. He is expected tomorrow Wednesday in Germany.

Sergei Lavrov later said after his meeting with Lamamra that Russia supports the Algerian regime’s initiative to keep Bouteflika in power, despite the majority of Algerians asking for the immediate retirement of the largely deemed corrupt president.

Since the announcement, many Algerians have expressed their outrage at the interference by Russia in affairs that shouldn’t remotely concern it. Particularly since it appears that Lamamra is attempting to internationalize the crisis.

Imaginary attempts to destabilize the country have always been cited by the Algerian regime to scare Algerians in the past, whilst billions of dollars have been embezzled and sent abroad. In that respect, the Algerian regime shares a lot of similarities with the Russian regime which in a similar way also embezzled Russia’s wealth in its entirety. Today, most Russians can’t afford a box of milk whilst Putin’s oligarchs spend Russia’s resources in Monaco, London, and Switzerland.

Earlier today, Putin signed a law which outlaws insulting the state, or in other words, a law that outlaws insulting Putin.