Britain / Algerian authorities sued for serious offences (Part I)

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Embassy of Algeria

In anticipation of part II of our investigation, we’ve updated this first part to include new developments in this scandal that is sure taint the image of Algeria’s diplomacy. The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Sabri Boukadoum, refuses to compensate an employee who sued them in Britain for engaging in a number of frauds and threatening him. The regime’s embassy in London also failed to pay the employee the minimum legal wage for a period of 16 months, a crime in the U.K, owing him over £23,000 which to this day the embassy refuses to pay.

Ridiculed‘ by the British authorities

According to documents made available to the Algiers Herald, the U.K Home Office essentially mocked the Consulate and Embassy of Algeria.

Initially, the Home Office (a department responsible for immigration matters) ordered from the Algerian authorities an increase of the salary of the sponsored employee. After the refusal of that first application on the basis of insufficient salary, the Home Office formally invited and guaranteed the success of a second application if it was to be lodged under the role of “press officer”.

Finally, the Home Office then changed its mind and accused the Algerian embassy of immigration fraud in an official correspondence.

Fake lawyers

The story gets even worse, the consul of Algeria in London, namely Kenza Benali, introduced to the employee a fake Algerian solicitor as the Consulate’s official solicitor, the latter recommended to the employee the submission of the second fraudulent application mentioned earlier.

When questioned by the Algiers Herald, the fake solicitor just went into hiding. After investigating further, the Algiers Herald found out that this so-called solicitor influenced the Algerian authorities to have his son recruited by a large U.K oil company, in what appears to be a blatant case of nepotism and influence peddling.

(Last updated on 01/07/2019)

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