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Nothing ‘Free’ About Intersectionality

We have gone from viewing censorship as a tool of repression to facing an outright free speech crisis in the world, and it is extremely concerning. Gone are the days when Socrates gave his life for the good fight against…… Keep Reading

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Setif massacre
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History of a perjury

The book, a unique historical source, a document revealing the real motivations that presided over the French colonial enterprise in Algeria. A work that challenges French consciences on the duty of memory, the imperative of intellectual safety that should act… Keep Reading

Theatre by Aziz Chouaki
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Death of a man of letters

In the department of English at the university of Algiers where he taught Writing in the second half of the 1980s, he used to urge his students to read at least one book per week. He most probably wanted to pass… Keep Reading

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