Dogon village
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Mali: A hundred dead in a ravaged Dogon village

For several months, the center of Mali is plagued by intercommunal violence. During an attack in the night from Sunday to Monday, a hundred people were killed in a Dogon village. This attack follows the massacre, on March 23, of…… Keep Reading

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Huawei’s shenanigans in Africa

African countries are easy targets for the Chinese giant. Taking advantage of normalised widespread corruption, little oversight and dysfunctional governments, Huawei does as it pleases in Africa as we will see through this article. In 2016, ‘Algerie Telecom’, the public… Keep Reading

Hadj Ghermoul
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Mobilization for Hadj Ghermoul

Hadj Ghermoul (pictured right), a young man from the region of Mascara (western Algeria), an activist of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) and a member of the National Committee for the Defense of the Rights… Keep Reading

Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Campaigning for a respected Algeria

One of the Algiers Herald’s missions is to improve the image of Algeria on the global stage, this is achieved on one level through defending the interests of the true patriots who have been abused under Bouteflika’s reign; in this… Keep Reading

Algerian islamists protest
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Attacked for not observing Ramadan (VIDEO)

Students caught eating at the Bouzareah university campus, in Algiers on Saturday, were attacked by furious islamists. According to the testimony of several students, the attackers violently assaulted the students they had surprised eating secretly in a corner of the… Keep Reading

Bedoui inaugurates Faderco
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Inaugurations without inaugurators

In Algeria, as in many non-democratic countries – the bulk of the news of the official mass media is made up of the faits et gestes of the officials, president, ministers and walis, whose visits, meetings and inaugurations are heavily covered by… Keep Reading

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Nothing ‘Free’ About Intersectionality

We have gone from viewing censorship as a tool of repression to facing an outright free speech crisis in the world, and it is extremely concerning. Gone are the days when Socrates gave his life for the good fight against… Keep Reading

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