Young Algerians taking part in anti-regime protest in London

Portraits / Meeting the demonstrators who marched in London against the Algerian regime

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On Saturday 23rd March, a large number of the Algerian community living in London gathered in Marble Arch and marched towards the Embassy of Algeria. Our rapporteur & contributor April N. met them. Here are highlights of our coverage.


Haroun, just like most Algerians, took part in this protest to show his solidarity with the Algerian people back in Algeria who have been demonstrating against the Bouteflika clan. He shared with us how he wishes to see a transition during which a genuine democracy is established and the government works for the interests of the nation.


Mohamed K. shared with us how he wanted to see an end to the current regime and how Abdelaziz Bouteflika is too ill to govern the country. For Mohamed, and the many Algerians we interviewed, power should be returned to the people. Through the interviews we carried out a common consensus emerged: the Bouteflika clan has ruined the nation and must leave the Algerian people alone in their quest to repair the country, hence ensure a sustainable future for the coming generations.

The demonstrators

Young Algerians taking part in anti-regime protest in London
Three young members of the Algerian community joined the protest near the Embassy of Algeria to demand a better future. Taking a rest from the protest but remaining in its proximity.
Father and daughter in genuine patriotic fashion joined the protest.
Outside the BBC’s headquarters.
A young man is told by security to stop using pyrotechnics during the protest.
A young couple seem happy to be part of the protest.
Covered in flags.
A youngster rejects any foreign interference in Algeria’s ‘family matters’
Our rapporteur April N. posing with Mohamed K., who we interviewed in the video above.

“As someone who was an outsider, I felt very welcome by the Algerian community. I felt like their cause was justified and their message heartfelt. There was no aggression in their approach but a mere abundance of passion and loyalty for their people and country. I hope they succeed in their mission.”

April N.