Turkey prepares international probe into Khashoggi’s murder

Turkey is launching an international investigation into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and will present measures in this regard in the coming days, according to the head of the Turkish diplomacy.

There are Western countries that are trying to cover up this case, I know the reasons, we know and see what kind of agreements are made, and we see how those who talk about freedom of the press are now choking off this affair after seeing the financial implications” said Mevlut Cavusoglu on Monday in a speech reported by the official Anatolia news agency. “But we will go all the way” he continued. “We have made preparations for the start of an international inquiry in the coming days and we will take the necessary measures“.

After numerous contradictory statements about the fate of Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared on October 2nd from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the Ryad authorities admitted that he had been killed and his body dismembered. The journalist, a former relative of the royal family who became a critic of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s policies, had moved to the United States where he was writing for the Washington Post.

The United States Senate, based on the CIA’s findings, passed last month a resolution blaming Mohamed bin Salman for the assassination, but Donald Trump has been seen by a large majority of Americans as protecting the Crown Prince in the name of the strategic alliance between the two countries. Saudi Arabia has brought 21 Saudis to justice, five of whom face capital punishment, but denies any involvement of “MbS”. Ankara says the murder was ordered at the highest level. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have set up a joint investigation but it is still unclear where the journalist’s remains were buried.

Many in the U.K have condemned Theresa May’s hypocrisy, we’ve met Sarah H. in a busy London street, asked about what she thought of her government’s actions she said “Well, the Tories will pander to any dictator if there was a pound to be made off it, it’s disgusting that our current government doesn’t mind that journalists are being decapitated, but I am not that surprised“.

A number of journalists and citizens alike have echoed similar feeling in Algiers when MBS came for an official visit.