Witnessed / Tear gas, rubber bullets used on children and the elderly during protests

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Place Maurice Audin

Unlike during the previous protests, the regime has this time opted for using tear gas and water cannons on peaceful demonstrators, seeking to provoke the crowd which remained peaceful despite the provocations. The first tear gas use was reported at around 1 P.M when demonstrators started to gather.

Amongst the demonstrators were many families, children and the elderly.

Many have been injured and tear gas was even used inside a crowded tunnel in the city centre, trapping and asphyxiating the demonstrators amongst which many were children as young as 4 years old, requiring immediate medical attention.

Other reports also emerged of the use of rubber bullets on the peaceful demonstrators.

The Algerian DGSN denied using tear gas in the tunnel late in the evening, despite thousands of eyewitnesses and clear images and videos illustrating the contrary.

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