Oil / SNC-Lavalin to be sued for corruption

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The Algerian national oil company Sonatrach will sue the Canadian company SNC-Lavalin in a corruption case involving former Algerian Minister of Energy Chakib Khelil, according to what revealed the ‘Jeune Afrique’ magazine earlier this week.

It is in the context of the fight against corruption in Algeria that the Supreme Court of Algiers has asked Sonatrach to lodge a lawsuit against the Canadian company SNC-Lavalin.

The same source states that the events go back to 2009. At that time, a contract of 1.1 billion dollars was awarded to SNC-Lavalin under questionable conditions. The case directly involves the former Algerian Minister of Energy Chakib Khelil, now on the run in an unspecified Arab country to avoid extradition according to media reports.

Jeune Afrique recalls that the corruption case of SNC-Lavalin in Algeria had resurfaced in 2016 following the Panama papers scandal. According to documents released by Radio Canada, SNC-Lavalin managed to obtain 6 contracts in Algeria, without even setting foot in the country. These include the Taksebt Water Treatment Plant and the discovery of $ 2 million worth of false invoices. SNC-Lavalin is thought to have used a company named ‘Cadber Investments’ created through a Panamanian firm.

Over 10 years, SNC-Lavalin was awarded a total of $ 4 billion worth of contracts.