Sabri and Sabria Boukadoum

Algeria / Sabri Boukadoum arrives for UN General Assembly amid nepotism allegations

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A large recall of Algeria’s ambassadors and consuls was operated by the Foreign Minister with over 50 heads of consulates and embassies called back to the country. However, this large reshuffle does not include the Foreign Minister’s wife, Sabria Boukadoum (pictured right), who heads the Algerian mission in New York.

Sabri Boukadoum (pictured centre), appointed by former dictator Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is no stranger to accusations of nepotism. The minister, while Algeria’s envoy to the U.N, recruited the son of former education minister Nouria Benghabrit, at her request. At the time, the envoy added Mehdi Remaoun to his U.N team in opaque circumstances, including the fact that Mehdi Remaoun was far from being qualified for the job.

When questioned by the Algiers Herald on why the minister’s wife wasn’t recalled, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to comment. Sabria Boukadoum earns over $12,000 per month, tax-free and all expenses paid, more than 100 times the Algerian minimum wage. In comparison, a U.S or U.K diplomat earns around 25 times the minimum wage of each’s respective country.

While the army chief, Ahmed Gaid Salah, speaks of a “liberated justice”, the same questionable practices can still be observed on the ground.

It should be recalled that Sabri Boukadoum’s department stands accused of serious frauds in the U.K as part of a claim brought by a former employee of the Embassy of Algeria. According to the defence’s documents, the Algerian authorities threatened Y.B, the employee. During the victim’s ordeal, the Algerian authorities are alleged to have sent a “group of thugs” who assaulted him near his home in Maidenhead, a crime investigated by the Metropolitan police.

Our investigation can also reveal that Sabri Boukadoum’s department falsified sick notes intended for Lancaster University for the benefit of a daughter of retired general Ali Bekkouche, formerly the army’s airforce chief. The fraudulent absence letters displayed the official Algerian authorities’ header and stamps, these were issued to Lancaster University on a regular basis at the request of the army general’s daughter, to cover for her non-attendance.

Classes paid for by the Algerian taxpayer to the tune of over £15,000 per year, plus a monthly scholarship of over £1,000. The general’s daughter enjoyed these privileges for many years.

More revelations in upcoming reports.

Article last updated on 24/09/2019 at 19:00.