Repression in Algeria
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Call to end human rights violations in Algeria

“For more than four months, the Algerian people have been steadfastly demonstrating their firmness and courage to put an end to a militarized authoritarian system imposed on them since the independence of the country. The people’s demands are reaffirmed every…… Keep Reading

Brahime Lalimi
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Facebook activist tortured in custody

Brahime Lalami, a blogger and activists, is reported to have been stabbed by armed militias wearing official police insignia. Last Wednesday, while in Oran, he was the victim of an “aggression“. A photo published on his Facebook page shows two…… Keep Reading

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Vladimir Putin sends 400 mercenaries to protect comrade Maduro

Russian private security agents, who participate in military operations abroad on behalf of the Kremlin, have arrived in recent days in Caracas to strengthen the Venezuelan President’s safety, sources close to these paramilitary groups told Reuters. One of these sources, close… Keep Reading

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Gruesome details of El Chapo murders emerge during trial

One of the last witnesses at the trial of Joaquin Guzman, aka “El Chapo”, delivered chilling details Thursday on the practices of the Mexican drug dealer, who tortured and executed his rivals in cold blood. Hired as Joaquin Guzman’s henchman,… Keep Reading

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