Lawyer calls detainees who brandished the Amazigh emblem “drug traffickers”

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Invited by the Swiss newspaper Le temps to give her opinion on the condemnation of the bearers of the Amazigh emblem, the lawyer Fatima Benbraham, known for her pro-regime positions, referred to the demonstrators as “drug traffickers”

Fatima Benbraham

“These people use these emblems to hide drugs they sell to the protesters. […] They are not political prisoners, but criminals who have found the right opportunity to carry out their small trafficking operations.”

When we know that the accusation of Fatima Benbraham is not mentioned by the Algerian justice itself, one wonders what is her real motivation behind such a statement. Indeed, none of those arrested during the popular movement was prosecuted for “trafficking” in drugs or other crimes. The only charges against them are those of attacking national unity.

In addition, it should be noted that some detainees were released while others were sentenced to prison terms for the same charges.