Ennahar TV airs bizarre live exorcism session

In surreal scenes aired by a TV network close to the regime, television viewers were presented with a lady exorcised on air after a long discussion with the Djinn (demon) who allegedly haunts her.

During the show “Behind the Walls“, which aired on the Algerian private channel Ennahar TV, Sheikh Chemseddine and the exorcist Ibn Echanfara, exorcised a lady live on set, or so they pretended.

The woman was portrayed as being haunted by a Djinn named “Cherkess,” who had married her for 15 years and had even had children with her, according to the Djinn who was answering the Imam’s questions. During the roqya, an islamic procedure meant to neutralise demons, the woman fell to the ground and tried to fight her husband, who was desperately trying to calm her down.