Man threatens with acid attacks

Feminism / Man in the U.K calls for acid attacks on feminists (VIDEO)

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A man is seen calling for acid attacks on girls who will come out on Friday in Algeria to protest for equal rights as part of the next reforms to implement in the country.

The man appears to be in the presence of a young child.


Hello brothers,

Those feminists coming out on Friday to protest and ask for rights, asking for womens’ rights… Just so you understand, acid will melt you! “wait wait” (talks to the child to keep him quiet).

Acid will eat you! I swear to god, I swear on my children’s life that acid will melt you. Already people have contacted me, and they’re going to Friday’s demonstrations just to do this… Discreetly… I swear to god, I swear to god, I swear to god! It will be acid! They told me they won’t have any pity. Look, not in the middle of the protest, he told me as soon as she takes takes an allay, right, left, she will be hit. If you come out with one banner, acid will eat you, you looking for your freedom? I’ll show you “freedom”! Stay in your f***** house!

If you are in the U.K you can report hate crimes here.

UPDATE: the subject was arrested by Thames Valley Police on the 4th of April according to a statement released on the 5th April.