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Justice for Shamima Begum?

In 2015, three London schoolgirls left Britain to join the Islamic State. Now the sole survivor of the trio is making headlines due to a change of heart and wants to come back to the UK. The case of IS… Keep Reading

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Saudi Arabia: An app to track women

A surveillance system has been set up by the Saudi government to control women and prevent them from fleeing the country, known as the ‘Absher’ application, it allows guardians of women (brothers, husbands, and fathers) to track down their movements.… Keep Reading

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European nations move to recognise democrat Juan Guaido

Madrid, London, Paris and several other European capitals recognised today opponent Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela after the expiration of an ultimatum issued to Nicolas Maduro who refused to call a new presidential election. Spain – which has 167,000… Keep Reading

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Vladimir Putin sends 400 mercenaries to protect comrade Maduro

Russian private security agents, who participate in military operations abroad on behalf of the Kremlin, have arrived in recent days in Caracas to strengthen the Venezuelan President’s safety, sources close to these paramilitary groups told Reuters. One of these sources, close… Keep Reading

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