France / A series of abuses taints the image of Algeria’s diplomacy

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In a long investigation into the abuses committed by the Algerian embassy in France, the daily ‘Le Parisien’ reveals that the Algerian embassy has been condemned “several times” for violence on its employees and the non-respect of France’s Labour Code, but that “the Algerian state refuses to compensate the victims“. A sinister case very similar to the one that occurred at Algeria’s mission in London and which we reported on recently.

For Le Parisien, Algeria hides behind its status of “sovereign state” to break the law. The French paper gathered the testimony of Abdelkrim, 53, father of two children, former employee of the Embassy of Algeria. The man won his case with the court sentencing the Algerian state to pay nearly 100,000 euros for unfair dismissal and undeclared payments, “Adbelkrim often worked more than 15 hours per day, his overtime was not counted. But he received for this a payment of 400 euros every month since he was hired directly into his bank account. Without this sum being on his pay slip. And so without Algeria paying the due charges” added the paper.

Anis, 37, also father of two children in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône (Val-d’Oise), “received a 13th month salary in December, transferred to his bank account without declaring the income to the French authorities“. In front of the labour courts, this administrative agent provided his bank statements and pay slips. Here again, the Court noted that “the employer has paid sums which have not been declared to the social organizations” and pins Algeria for undeclared work.

Another victim was strangled by a senior diplomat in the presence of a number of witnesses, without any disciplinary measures taken against the perpetrator, reports Le Parisien.

Outside Créteil’s consulate (France), a diplomat is seen assaulting Algerian citizens

More often than not, such dismissals occur as a result of sons and daughters of the regime dignitaries seeking a job, being unable to compete in the job market often as a result of being lazy and unskilled. These dignitaries call the heads of the Algerian missions and order them to make space for their relatives. With a limited number of employees, it isn’t possible for a diplomatic mission to add a member of staff, or at least it is very difficult… the solution? Dismiss existing employees to replace them with someone closer to the regime, in exchange of favours granted to them back in Algeria, or simply in exchange of them not losing their job.

Algeria’s ambassador to France is Abdelkader Mesdoua, a Bouteflika loyalist, who on the 4th of March shocked Algerian viewers in a TV interview, when he stated “Bouteflika is no longer 20-year old, but his brain is still one of a 20-year old“.

It isn’t the first time the Algerian regime is caught breaking the law, in London, the Consul of Algeria, Kenza Benali (pictured bottom left) is named in a court claim brought by an employee for forcing the latter to engage in a number of frauds.

In the London case, the Embassy of Algeria failed to pay the employee the minimum legal wage for a period of 16 months, owing him over £23,144 which to this day the authorities of Algeria refuse to pay.

Noureddine Ayadi, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Secretary General, went as far as recommending, through his department, to the Consul of Algeria, the submission of a fraudulent visa application as a solution to the problem, when asked what to do – upon the British authorities’ request to increase the victim’s salary. This caused harm to the victim, who was accused of submitting a fraudulent application by the U.K Home Office.

La version française de cet article peut être trouvée ici.

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