Protest 16/04/2019

Algeria / The awakening of the giant

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I was deeply asleep since 1962 and I vaguely remember very few good dreams in my long coma. Because of the omnipresence of the terrifying nightmares. My colossal body tried to wake up to escape the horrible and repetitive nightmares. Depicting my mother eaten alive by hyenas and me unable to save her. After an eternal sleep, I finally wake up on a reality way different than the one I lived for 57 years. 

The news of the second liberation of our nation Algeria, came to me, as a relief from that bitter taste burning my palate, every time, I remember my country Algeria. I was sad because I do not only cherish the nostalgic memories of my country. But also, I lived my worst nightmares when I woke up from my sweet patriotic dreams. 

I sadly recite the stories of the embezzlement and dilapidation of the resources of the Algerian people by a dishonest minority. Villains who pirated Algeria, because they had the opportunity and the monopole to do so.

The update comes to me as a relief from my sorrow and grief for my young countrymen. Who died alone in the cold darkness of the bottom of the mediterranean sea. My brothers perished isolated from their families, unable to guide them to the “other side”.

These young Algerians died because they chose to brave the wilderness of the sea by risking their life trying to reach their Eldorado. Young Algerians were forced to choose to die drowned as brave men, rather than wasting their best years, nailed forever, on a chair of a cheap cafeteria. With their lifeless eyes frozen on the blue horizon of the Mediterranean.

Algerian prefer to drown trying bravely than cowardly giving up leaning against the 57 years old wall.  The wall who devoured the back of millions of young Algerians. Trapping them forever and denying them their basic human rights. 

The ongoing revolution rejoiced my hopes and the hopes of millions of brave Algerians to see a dictator giving up his hybrid throne, made of two symbols; Algeria’s high magistrature, and a blue wheelchair.

A wheelchair supposed to remind him and remind the ones who guided him or behind him. That he is just a man and his health is limited and vulnerable to a microscopic clot of blood responsible for his total disability.

It should warn him that there is an afterlife judgement, where he should respond to the whole Algerian people for his crimes. A justice, out of reach of his omnipresent tentacles over the whole Algerian system. Sucking and shedding the blood of the innocents who will have their revenge, maybe not in this life, but surely in the other one.

His clan hacked the country and looted Algeria for more than 20 years by embezzling over a trillion dollars which is the propriety of the ones who died in the black and cold abyss of the Mediterranean Sea. It belongs to those who stayed behind, leaning on that wall.

Yes, today I rejoice and sing our revolution and independence. And pardon me, if I may shoot my hopes very far with an exaggerated optimism; Today, the Algerian people, weak and starving like never and deeply inspired from whom who dies underwater, in prison or devoured by the wall.

Today, the people merge to be one giant who awakens and climbs the hill of El Mouradia one step at a time and claims what belongs to his elements by birth and right.

Today, our saint martyrs, who first lit the torch of liberty in mount Djurdjura in 1954, can be proud of you, Algerian people and rely on you, to keep that torch, blazing our heart with an eternal fire for the Revolution. And count on your children to keep and protect the light of liberty, justice and equality.