Saïd Bouteflika and Gaid Salah “run the country together”

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Retired General Hocine Benhadid spoke about the current situation in the country, in an interview with the daily newspaper El Watan, where he denounced Saïd Bouteflika’s stubbornness in keeping his brother in power.

The general praised the popular uprising against injustice and added that he is with the people: “I am in full adhesion with the people across the national territory and in all Wilayas of the country“. He described Bouteflika’s candidacy as illegal by stating that “the President is sick. He has been absent from the political scene since 2005. His situation has worsened since 2013. As for his candidacy, it is illegal and unconstitutional. It has also been submitted by proxy to the Constitutional Council, which is totally against the law“.

Benhadid accuses the brother of the outgoing president of taking advantage of the situation to impose himself: “It is his brother Saïd. He has hijacked the executive branch by taking advantage of Bouteflika’s degrading health”.

He added that the army’s Chief of Staff “Gaïd Salah, in place since 2004, has done the same. He consolidated Said’s positions. The latter did the same and that is how he became the real president of the country. They basically manage the country together”.

The retired general denies the unspecified security threats made by Gaid Salah. Hocine Benhadid assures that “Algeria is safe (…) He speaks of the external dangers. How about he tells us which danger is that? He created this danger. It’s his invention. If there is a threat coming from outside of the country, our army is able to cope with it“.

Benhadid calls for the application of the constitutional rules “it is necessary to apply Article 102 of the Constitution and announce the presidency as vacant“.