Reporters Without Borders “alarmed” by regime practices

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) stated today, February 26th, that it was “alarmed” by the repression of journalists and media outlets who sought to report on the large protests that began on February 22nd. The following are extracts of the statement published on their website.

Since February 22nd, the Algerian authorities are doing everything possible to muzzle journalists and media outlets who want to report on the large demonstrations that are shaking the country“.

Several journalists were prevented from reporting, and some of them were violently assaulted by police officers. Journalists, who chose anonymity fearing for their safety, were arrested in downtown Algiers and their equipment was confiscated. Faced with pressure from the police, others had to delete their photos“.

Reporters Without Borders is alarmed by the repression that the Algerian press is experiencing, who are only carrying out their duties of reporting on political events occurring in the country“.

The Algerian authorities are no longer satisfied with countless financial and judicial pressures on journalists and the media. Now they are assaulting, arresting journalists and preventing news from circulating“.

We call on the authorities to stop hindering the work of journalists and the media who are only doing their work by participating in the public debate on a major event in Algerian politics“.

In addition, RSF has noted strong disruptions on the Internet and access to social networks is very difficult since February 21st 2019, thus preventing information from circulating“.