Patriots Against Corruption

PAC, for Patriots Against Corruption, is an independent initiative, partner of the Algiers Herald. It is composed of Algerian citizens across the world who work on a voluntary basis, as well as trained professionals.

Countries like France, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S and the U.K, are complicit in one of the greatest robberies to occur in the world, with over 1 trillion dollars vanishing from Algeria’s public purse. Many countries turn a blind eye to the fraudulent use of Algeria’s public funds by regime figures who spend these ill-gotten assets in London, Paris, Barcelona, New York, etc. with complete impunity; It is clear that these countries will not take actions against the hand that feeds them so it is for the Algerian people to take action in whichever way they see fit. The Algiers Herald raises funds, privately and publicly, on behalf of Patriots Against Corruption.

PAC seeks to trace the sons and daughters of regime figures and take legal action whenever achievable.

Currently, the Algiers Herald is compiling a database consisting of information on Algerian dignitaries and their immediate family members. We invite Algerians, or others, to contact us with any information that can lead to identifying more individuals, particularly ‘last seen’ locations, addresses, employers, photos, details of family/friends & any other personal details that can assist us in our investigations.