Repression in Algeria
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Call to end human rights violations in Algeria

“For more than four months, the Algerian people have been steadfastly demonstrating their firmness and courage to put an end to a militarized authoritarian system imposed on them since the independence of the country. The people’s demands are reaffirmed every…… Keep Reading

Brahime Lalimi
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Facebook activist tortured in custody

Brahime Lalami, a blogger and activists, is reported to have been stabbed by armed militias wearing official police insignia. Last Wednesday, while in Oran, he was the victim of an “aggression“. A photo published on his Facebook page shows two…… Keep Reading

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Health of jailed journalist Adlène Mellah worsening

Arrested early December and subsequently sentenced for a year in prison, journalist Adlène Mellah’s health has been deteriorating following the start of a hunger striker more than three weeks ago. He is said to be detained in solitary confinement, a controversial practice outlawed by many countries. As a reminder, Adlène Mellah was sentenced on Tuesday,… Keep Reading

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