Morocco praised by the Wall Street Journal for its economic advances

Under the heading “Focus on Morocco: sustainable investment in the limelight“, the prestigious American newspaper highlights the progress made in the kingdom in recent decades, in terms of investment and sustainable development.

This comes no more than a month after Morocco was ranked the 3rd best country in Africa do to business in. The undeniable progress made under the reign of Mohammed VI, since the 2000s, have been the subject of a whole report devoted to the kingdom by the prestigious American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Cited by The Wall Street Journal are renewable energies and industrial growth, including the project NOOR, one of the largest solar fields in the world, located in the region of Ouarzazate, as well as the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020 which is thought to generate half a million jobs, support Moroccan companies and promote direct and indirect investments.

Another feat highlighted by the American publication is the quality of the country’s infrastructure, especially its transport networks, likely to strengthen its potential to be the main gateway to Africa.

Efficient use of resources and social responsibility

There is no doubt that Morocco has become the economic El Dorado of North Africa. Resources are used efficiently, tourism has reached record levels this year, infrastructure is well ahead when compared to Algeria.