Massive protests in Algeria could mean the end of the Bouteflika clan

Demonstrators have voiced their anger at what many of them consider an ‘illegitimate regime’. Initially scheduled for after Friday’s prayers, protests against the fifth term have begun early in the morning. Citizens gathered in Boumerdes, Annaba, Blida and Relizane, to mention only a few cities.

In Annaba, hundreds of people rallied to say no to Bouteflika’s reign and denounce the regime. Another smaller gatherings took place in Bordj Menaïel in the Boumerdes wilaya as well as in Touggourt (southern Algeria). 

In M’Chedallah, part of the Bouira wilaya, a march started from the small village towards the wilaya’s centre. This specific event has been reported to be increasing in size. Other demonstrations are scheduled to signify the rejection of the people to a fifth term of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Hundreds of protesters surround the prime minister’s office (Palais du Gouvernement) in Algiers

It should also be noted that many arrests took place in the capital, following the regime forces’ intervention against peaceful protesters who wanted to publicly express their rejection of two decades of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Algiers, the capital has been completely locked down with accesses restricted by military and police checkpoints.

According to media sources, at least 150 people have already been arrested in Algiers.