How Bouteflika instrumentalises mosques for political ends

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The Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs has issued a note to mosques, summoning imams to boast during yesterday’s prayers, the “benefits” of keeping the same regime.

According to numerous reports that emerged yesterday, the Directorate of Religious Affairs and Habous ran on Thursday a note requesting from imams to boast, during Friday’s prayers, the benefits of peace and stability, whilst emphasasing the infamous civil war (1991-2000) with its 250,000 tragic deaths.

In this note, the religious authorities summon the imams to remind Algerian citizens of the tragic consequences of the “Fitna”, the one experienced by Algeria, or the one that still affects many other Muslim countries.

Bejaia: they walk out mid-prayer

Many devotees left on Friday the mosque El Kawthar, located in the district Amriou in Bejaia, where they were going to perform the Friday prayer, in protest against the words of the Imam who officiated there.

The imam was told “there are no politics here” before the attendees simply walked out of the mosque in the middle of the prayer.

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