If Tommy Robinson is jailed, so should Theresa May be

Tommy Robinson

Once upon a time, in June 2012 to be exact, Home Secretary Theresa May, was held in contempt of court over the prolonged imprisonment of a foreign migrant, making her only the second home secretary ever to be charged with contempt of court.

At the time of the events, judge Barry Cotter, QC, accused Mrs May of ‘unacceptable and regrettable behaviour‘ after ignoring a legal agreement to release Algerian national Aziz Lamari when it became clear that there was no reasonable likelihood of deportation. 

In another even more sinister case, the prime minister is believed to have interfered to clear two metropolitan police officers when they were in a car chase, lost control of their vehicle and killed two pedestrians who happened to be muslims. The two dead pedestrians were of Algerian origin and were living illegally in the country, so as expected, the Algerian Embassy in London worked hand in hand with the Home Office to keep at bay any credible investigation.

Beyond these sinister cases, over the years, Theresa May nurtured racism within her department as the Home Secretary, under her reign, foreigners became second class citizens.

The prime minister, was given a pass on something as serious as “contempt of court“, yet today Tommy Robinson was jailed for doing pretty much the same thing.

Earlier today, Lord Peter Hain stated: “Tommy Robinson has made a grubby career out of the English Defence League with its proven record of racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic violence, intimidation and hatred“.

Equally applicable is replacing Tommy Robinson in that quote with Theresa May and the English Defence League with the Home Office. Under Theresa May’s reign, racism skyrocketed in Britain, never before did the muslim community feel so much alienated by the state.

The Algiers Herald is investigating rape allegations of muslim females held in the Home Office’s detention centres, which will likely further confirm that Theresa May does exactly what Tommy Robinson does but only in a more diplomatic way, a politically correct way so to speak, ways that serve the interests of her business cronies.

Theresa May knows no boundaries when it comes to breaking the law for her own personal interests, just last year, a resident of 9 years in the U.K was blackmailed by the Home Office on the request of the Algerian authorities as per the evidence held by the Algiers Herald.

So in light of all this, can we really keep speaking of a fair judicial system when we can blatantly see sentencing guidelines being bent to accommodate politicians? Surely not.

This imprisonment will only serve Tommy Robinson’s agenda, which may be what the Conservative party is seeking to achieve: divide the country, demonise the muslims, create a climate of confrontation between the communities, in order to radicalise muslims and justify increased government surveillance and arms sales.

Last updated on: 28/08/2019