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Activist sentenced to one year in prison for Facebook posts

The Cheraga court in Algiers decided to sentence Algerian activist Amira Bouraoui to one year in prison this Sunday, June 21. The activist was arrested on Wednesday, June 17 at her home by plainclothes officers and was kept in police custody at the gendarmerie brigade of Draria.

Presented this Sunday, June 21 before the court of Chéraga in Algiers after four days in police custody, Amira Bouraoui was sentenced to one year in prison. The lawyers of the 44-year-old gynaecologist and mother of two children aged 12 and 16 decided to appeal.

Earlier today, the National Committee for the Liberation of Detainees (CNLD), indicated that the activist was being prosecuted for: “inciting unarmed assembly”, “insulting or bashing the dogma or the precepts of Islam”, “Insulting the President of the Republic by an outrageous, insulting or defamatory expression”, “publication which may harm national unity”, “information or news, false or slanderous, likely to endanger security or public order”, “incitement to the deliberate and manifest violation of an obligation of prudence or security laid down by law or regulation, directly exposes the life of others or their physical integrity to a danger”.

The activist was arrested last Wednesday by the Algerian gendarmerie. Her arrest took place less than an hour after that of former secretary-general of the NGO Rassemblement Action Jeunesse (RAJ) Hakim Addad.

Amira Bouraoui, co-founder of the Barakat movement, was arrested on a number of occasions for her stance against the regime. She had in the past described the regime as “finishing”.

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