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Facebook activist tortured in custody

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Brahime Lalami, a blogger and activists, is reported to have been stabbed by armed militias wearing official police insignia. Last Wednesday, while in Oran, he was the victim of an “aggression“. A photo published on his Facebook page shows two deep shoulder injuries, caused by a stab.

Brahime went to the nearest police station to file a complaint. “After hearing what I said, they asked me for a medical certificate. When I got back from the doctor, I found my two attackers standing in front of the police station. They were with a policeman in uniform. I then informed the police responsible for recording my complaint that my attackers were at the entrance of the police station“, stated the young activist.

He continues: “They answered me provocatively (…) I took my phone to try to film my two attackers (…). I was arrested and beaten by police officers“.

After being detained and severely beaten “in an unknown location“, Brahim was presented yesterday to the court. He was sentenced to “six months in prison and a fine“.

I have ten days to appeal” he added, “My only crime is that I’m a blogger on Facebook“, he concluded.

A photo made public by the victim shows the stab wounds inflicted by the militias.


Over the past few weeks, the military regime, has been accused of seeking to destabilise the country by political analysts.

During last Friday’s demonstrations (12th of July) in Algiers, the Algiers Herald received numerous reports of plain-clothed army personnel insulting and provoking peaceful demonstrators to push them to react violently.

Article last updated on: 05/08/2019

Jeffrey Nicholson contributes to the Algiers Herald in affairs related to public relations and politics. He has in the past worked as a senior officer for a large PR multinational based in the U.K.

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