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Algerian authorities sued in the U.K

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Sabri Boukadoum’s department is in the midst of a lawsuit. The allegations made against the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are extremely serious and demonstrate how the Algerian authorities have failed to pay their employee minimum wage for 16 months, a criminal offence in the U.K.

The claimant, Y.B, who wished to remain anonymous alleges that the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discriminated against him in addition to involving him in questionable practices, for which Boukadoum’s department refused to take responsibility. Unfair dismissal is another charge put forward to the tribunal in London.

The claimant’s spokesperson told the Algiers Herald: “Contrary to Algeria, in the U.K employees have certain rights. Our client was threatened, abused numerous times which we won’t tolerate. Our client has been forced to take part in illegal practices, which goes against not only Algerian laws, but causes prejudice to British institutions”.

Adding “our client suffers from a disability, its shameful that in 2019 some governments still treat the disabled as second class citizens. One thing is certain, we will fight until justice is done“.

More on this story as we dissect the attorney’s documents.