Maria Arena

EU condemns the arbitrary arrests of political opponents in Algeria

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The EU has come out earlier today to condemn the rise of human rights abuses in the country.

Following the arrest of Algerian political opponent Karim Tabbou, the President of the European Parliament’s Human Rights Subcommittee Maria Arena stated:

“It is with deep concern that we learn of the arrest at his home of Mr. Karim Tabbou, one of the popular figures, and respected by the Algerian protesters.

We condemn this arbitrary act that comes after a recent wave of arrests of citizens, students and activists united by their determination to build a free and democratic Algeria.

We call for the immediate release of Karim Tabbou and all political prisoners.

The Algerian people are admired for their pacifism and political maturity. We call on the authorities to listen to the legitimate demands that have been expressed for 30 weeks by millions of Algerian citizens.