Social Media Campaign in solidarity with Syrians

El Feshawi cafe is famously known for being the oldest coffee house in Egypt.

Over the past few days, Egypt has seen demands for monitoring of Syrian economic activities and accusations that they run the Muslim Brotherhood’s money.

A former leader of Jihad and one of the founders of the organization in Egypt, Nabil Naim, wrote on Facebook: “The economic activity of the Syrians in Egypt takes source in the funds of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and in money laundering.”

For his part, the Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry submitted a memorandum to the Egyptian Attorney General on Saturday, in which he called for “the need to establish legal frameworks that allow Syrian money holders to work according to clear laws and a sound investment environment with the exception of those who finance terrorism and hostility against their country, stressing the need to resort all these funds to financial control ». Samir Sabry also accused Syrians of “invading” commercial areas in Egypt and driving up housing prices.

Following that, an Egyptian social media campaign standing in solidarity with Syrian refugees has sparked on Twitter in response to these calls.

The most remarkable support on Twitter for Syrians in Egypt was in the form of a hashtag in Arabic emphasising that they are welcome in Egypt, literally: Syrians are enlightening Egypt.

It must be remembered that the Egyptian and Syrian peoples are very much linked together. In 1958, under President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the two countries formed the United Arab Republic, a political union that lasted until 1961, and prayed for “maintaining love and unity ” between the two peoples.