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Theatre by Aziz Chouaki
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Death of a man of letters

In the department of English at the university of Algiers where he taught Writing in the second half of the 1980s, he used to urge his students to read at least one book per week. He most probably wanted to pass… Keep Reading

Students demonstration
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Students are Algeria’s pride

On Tuesday the 16th of April, thousands of students braved the streets of Algiers and other cities to demand the fall of the corrupt regime. They are Algeria’s unsung heroes. Algerians can be proud, very proud of their youth. Despite… Keep Reading

Protest 16/04/2019
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The awakening of the giant

I was deeply asleep since 1962 and I vaguely remember very few good dreams in my long coma. Because of the omnipresence of the terrifying nightmares. My colossal body tried to wake up to escape the horrible and repetitive nightmares.… Keep Reading

Protesters wrapped in flags
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Algeria is beautiful

The parallel with the famous “Black is beautiful” is patent and purposeful. The African American cultural movement of the 1960s which aimed to value the black identity became prominent in the Black Consciousness Movement of Steve Biko in South Africa… Keep Reading

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