Black student fatally stabbed in racially motivated attack

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A student from Zimbabwe, named Prosper, was fatally stabbed on Tuesday by a group of thugs in the Wilaya of Annaba, as reported by the police today. The student died of his injuries last night.

The victim, after noticing that the university campus restaurant was closed due to a strike organised by students to denounce the unsustainable conditions in which they are studying, decided with two of his companions to purchase groceries to prepare a meal instead.

On their way to the grocery store, the students came across a group of criminals whose number is undetermined. The thugs attacked the group of students to steal their cell phones. The victim who was enrolled in the second year of a Master’s degree attempted to defend himself, but was stabbed at the abdomen’s level and thigh.

The perpetrators immediately fled when they saw the victim lying in a pool of blood. No motorist wanted to stop to transport the victim who remained unattended for over half an hour, losing a substantial amount of blood while waiting for the emergency services.

The residents of Sidi Amar and El Hadjar condemned this act as “racist”. The victim died yesterday at the El Hadjar Hospital.

Today, the university’s international students staged a protest rally during which a classmate of the student who witnessed the deadly assault gave a chilling testimony of the events that unfolded during the attack.

I was with Prosper, because the restaurant was closed we decided to buy some vegetables and chicken. On the way there, we walked past three people who were sitting. On our way back, they were still there. One of them, the tallest, stood up and walked in front of us, he did as if he was walking past but he turned towards me […] he wanted to cling to me so I punched him, and when I turned to look behind me I saw that the two other guys had already assaulted Proper” the friend stated.

The student tried to help his friend but one of the two had already “stabbed his chest while the other had stabbed his thigh“.

I dragged him and put him in the middle of the road. I tried to stop the passing cars but they just drove past. They saw that Prosper was covered in blood but they refused to stop” added the student.

First aid came from two Malian students who were also going to the market, according to the witness. One of them called the police which arrived “after a while“, while the ambulance “arrived late”.

Once in the hospital, the victim regained consciousness “All they did (the nursing staff) was bandage his foot and put him in a room” stated the friend who added “the doctors did not take care of him“.

Three men were arrested. Although they admitted to being guilty of the aggression of Prosper and his two friends, they refuted, according to a source close to the investigation, to be motivated by the theft of the victim’s mobile phone: “The altercation with the fatal outcome was triggered when one of them had ironically greeted the victim with racist remarks saying ‘Saha babaye’ (Hi Negro)“.

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