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Hatem Arezki

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Arezki Hatem is a poet and essayist. He has already published two collections of poetry and is currently writing a novel.
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Hommage à Khaled al-Assad

Il était une fois Palyrme… Il était une fois Khaled al-Assad Dans l’âcre Odeur Des poudres expiatoires ;…
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Idir obituary

A star in the constellation of Berber music has died, upright and without bending throughout his career to…
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At the origins of April 20, 1980

The more enlightened men are, the more free they are. Voltaire The author of ‘La Colline oubliée’, a…
Setif massacre
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History of a perjury

The book, a unique historical source, a document revealing the real motivations that presided over the French colonial…