Repression in Algeria

Call to end human rights violations in Algeria

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“For more than four months, the Algerian people have been steadfastly demonstrating their firmness and courage to put an end to a militarized authoritarian system imposed on them since the independence of the country. The people’s demands are reaffirmed every Friday throughout the country: establish a state of law which guarantees individual and collective freedoms, promotes equality – including that between women and men – and social justice.

Thanks to its pacifism, praised across the world, the Algerian people have been able so far to thwart all the maneuvers of diversion, all the attempts of division, all the manipulations of a power which reveals itself as it is: behind a civil facade, a military-security power, which is neither fooling the Algerian people nor is it fooling the international opinion.

In recent weeks, the government has decided to crack down on Friday’s peaceful marches: arbitrary arrests for the simple act of peacefully demonstrating or brandishing a Berber flag, beatings of demonstrators, media blitzes and hate campaigns on social networks, are all tools of repression.

During the demonstration on Friday, July 5, scenes of police brutality were revealed to the world: police officers beat up protesters on the ground who were posing no threat to them or anyone else. The list of human rights violations is already long and continues to grow dangerously longer.

This repression must not be kept silent. It must be denounced firmly, vigorously, by all free consciences.

We call on all associations and organizations to denounce these human rights abuses.

We call for the immediate cessation of repression and persecution, and the release of all prisoners of conscience“.

The full list of signatories can be found here (French).

Jeffrey Nicholson contributes to the Algiers Herald in affairs related to public relations and politics. He has in the past worked as a senior officer for a large PR multinational based in the U.K.

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