Amnesty International demands Algeria sorts out its human rights affairs

The human rights NGO Amnesty International called today on the Algerian authorities to stop restricting the peaceful activities of associations by repealing current laws and developing others in line with international standards.

In Algeria, under law 12-06 relating to associations, whoever wishes to create an association must obtain prior authorization from the authorities” Amnesty said in a statement.

Law 12-06 stipulates that any member of an association who is not registered or has been suspended or dissolved by the authorities and continues to carry out activities is liable to imprisonment for up to six months. and a heavy fine” added the NGO.

In this context, Amnesty International called on the Algerian authorities “to repeal Law 12-06 and to draft a new law on associations that is in line with international human rights standardss” stated Hassina Oussedik, Director of Amnesty International Algeria.

The authorities “must also put an end to the practice of refusing to grant approvals without any written justification” and “they must stop arbitrarily restricting the peaceful activities of associations” concluded the statement.