Algeria: university campuses closed in response to students’ protests

Spring break for universities has been changed to the 10th of March at the last minute, starting tomorrow, instead of the 21st of March. It has also been lengthened and will last until the 4th of April, more than three weeks of time off, instead of the usual two weeks.

This announcement, made by the department of Tahar Hadjar, in the aftermath of massive protests across the country calling for the fall of the current government, is perceived by students as a maneuver to weaken the students’ mobilisation and their participation in the popular protest .

Members of opposition parties also denounced the measure announced by the Ministry of Higher Education. The objective of the decision is, for Atmane Mazouz, RCD Mp to “weaken the citizen dynamic of change“.

Ramdane Youssef Tazibt, Mp for the Workers Party, criticised the regime as “senile“, adding the regime wants to “break a thermometer thinking that the temperature will drop“.

In addition, we have just learned that students have been asked to vacate all campuses within 24 hours.

The minister of higher education Tahar Hadjar is in the middle of a nepotism scandal, after granting his son a scholarship for studying in Paris, a scholarship he isn’t entitled to due to poor academic records.