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Algeria’s police forces stripped naked female activists in custody

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A number of democracy activists have been brutally abducted today, April 13th, in Algeria according to reports and statements coming in from Algiers, some of the arrestees are RAJ party activists. It has emerged on Sunday the 14th of April that the female activists were forced to strip naked in custody at Baraki’s police station, according to the activists this humilating treatment was carried out to deter them from protesting for a democratic future.

The rise in arrests follows barely veiled threats made in a TV address by the army’s chief against the demonstrators.

In the first video, a man is seen being arrested for simply gathering in the city’s centre. In the second video, a man is brutally assaulted by a number of police officers following his arrest.

A demonstrator is seen brutally assaulted by police in Algiers

Above are images of the activists arrested today. Their whereabouts remain unknown.

Jeffrey Nicholson contributes to the Algiers Herald in affairs related to public relations and politics. He has in the past worked as a senior officer for a large PR multinational based in the U.K.

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