Algerians demonstrate their rejection of Bouteflika’s presidential bid

Nearly a thousand protesters gathered yesterday at the ‘Place de la Republique’ in Paris, to denounce the authoritarian leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Protesters, overwhelmingly Algerians living in France, chanted slogans hostile to the outgoing President and his ‘clan’.

Several demonstrations have already taken place in Algeria since the announcement of the candidacy, in several cities including Algiers, Oran, Annaba, Batna, Béjaïa and Jijel.

These protests follow calls made on social networks to denounce what many Algerians call the “candidacy of shame“.

These protests, varying in size (from a few tens to several hundred people) currently affect 40 of the 48 wilayas, and are thought to likely grow by analysts, as the presidential election approaches.

Doctors call for an independent medical assessment

A number of doctors have expressed their concerns about the authenticity of the medical certificate which will certainly attest that the president is fit for office. The president’s health arouses as much compassion as hilarity amongst the Algerian people when confronted with all the grotesque staging taking place, where the candidate is regularly replaced by a framed painting of himself. Prompting doctors to voice concerns as well as to call for an independent medical assessment to be carried out.

Since suffering a stroke in 2013, the president has rarely been seen in public and has only addressed the nation through letters read – or published – by third parties.