Ministry of Foreign Affairs refutes news about alleged warning issued by Algeria to Minurso


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) refutes information reported by foreign media on the so-called “warning issued by the Algerian Government” to the MINURSO, according to the spokesman of the MAE, Abdelaziz Benali-Chérif.

Refugee camp in Tindouf

According to reports relayed by Algerian media, including TSA, the Algerian government has warned MINURSO of the risk of kidnappings in the region. The statement from the Algerian government also “recommended a number of measures with the aim of protecting” the UN mission in the concerned areas, TSA added.

For his part, the spokesman of the MAE said that “the media that served as a support for the spread of this false and unfounded information, indulge in the manipulation and dissemination of wacky information, with a clear purpose of harming Algeria, its people, and its institutions .”

Quite curiously, on December 2, the Spanish government issued a warning against travel to the Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf, in the southwest of Algeria, due to the risk of a terrorist attack. The Spanish government stated that an attack against Spanish citizens and interests in the area was “in an advanced state of preparation.”

The Spanish authorities are worried about the more than 100 Spanish non-profit workers at the Tindouf refugee camps in southwestern Algeria, while many others travel each year, especially during the Christmas holidays, to visit Saharawi families and friends.

When one reads the details cited by TSA (“to stop any movement after 10 pm (curfew at 10 pm) except in cases of emergency. Any movement after 22:00 should be under escort, ” to comply with established movement procedures and protocols” or “follow established procedures for parking UN vehicles”), one wonders where they were drawn from, and what lies behind this official denial.