Algeria / Millions march again as opposition rejects regime’s ‘pseudo-dialogue’

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Protest Algiers

The Socialist Forces Front (FFS) gives no credit to the panel of personalities designated by the Civil Forum for Change and appointed by the acting head of state to lead the dialogue: “The regime has just unveiled a list of six members responsible for conducting a pseudo-dialogue to impose a presidential election for the sole benefit of the regime” read the FFS statement released yesterday and signed by its secretary, Hakim Belahcel.

The statement continued: “The FFS considers that this commission has no mandate other than the one the decision makers have assigned to it (…) By the announcement of this mock dialogue, the proponents of the regime are attempting, once again, to gain time in order to divert the population from its main demand of self-determination“.

The measures of appeasement demanded by the panel of 6 personalities to start the dialogue are “clearly insufficient” and “cannot, in any case, hide the authoritarian maneuvers of the regime through which, it aims to deceive national and international public opinion“. Also, the FFS insisted on the “requirement of the unconditional release of all political and opinion prisoners (…) Only a climate of effective trust would pave the way for a comprehensive, serious and transparent dialogue that takes into account the demands of the popular revolutionary movement“.

Millions walk again to demand the fall of the military rulers

Yesterday, Friday the 27th of July, millions came out to demonstrate once again in all the country’s cities, they demanded the fall of the military rulers, largely considered to be the real holders of power. The military has so far refused to allow a democratic transition in the country.

Many demonstrators also denounced the selective anti-corruption purge. The purge advertised as genuine by the military is increasingly being seen by Algerians as a sham, with corrupt figures close to the army’s chief left unbothered by the judiciary, such as with Amar Saadani and his family, hiding in France and still spending the country’s embezzled public funds. Other regime figures and their immediate family members were allowed to flee the country for a golden retirement in the West.

Despite promising “appeasement measures“, the regime continues to repress the peaceful demonstrations as seen yesterday when a demonstrator was beaten up for wearing a t-shirt with a Berber emblem printed on it; all access to the capital Algiers was virtually cut off to prevent demonstrators from reaching the city’s centre.

Speeches designed to reassure the West

Political analysts have accused the regime of caring more about the demands of Western powers than the demands of the Algerian people, stating one thing in official communications and doing the opposite on the ground.

The numerous initiatives put forward by the military appear to be intended to cater to the demands of foreign countries rather than the demands of the Algerian people. Through such false initiatives, the military seeks to legitimise an illegitimate regime on the international scene.

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