Open letter / Media coverage of Algeria’s protests questioned

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An open letter signed by a number of civil society actors and members of the Algerian diaspora, condemns what the Algerian people perceive as a lack of coverage of the large protests that have been ongoing for nearly seven months. The open letter also draws a parallel between the coverage of the Hong Kong protests and the protests in Algeria.

Below is the open letter in full.

All the signatories below (people, groups and movements) of the present letter, aim to challenge the national and international media and thus question them on the omerta and their deaf ears policy adopted in the face of the Algerian revolution since February 22, 2019. In no case this is a call for international or foreign interference, on the contrary.

This collective silence of the media, which is none other than a denial and a complicity, has indeed questioned us and continues to question us about the real reasons behind this attitude, it suggests to us that this Algerian revolution highlights the limits of your systems in the four corners of the world, whatever the regime adopted, be it democratic or totalitarian.

A new world order is in motion and this revolution with its exceptional character of pacifism, its simultaneity, its spontaneity, its duration, its self-organization and the absence of leaders, concerns all the peoples and is only the precursor of all future citizen revolutions. In addition to the fact that some media inside and outside, tried to divert the message while being fully aware of the illegal and illegitimate nature of the military power in Algeria, they also ignored the slogans chanted for 28 weeks.

These same media put on a mask in the face of all the arbitrary arrests, violations of international law and violation of the country’s own constitution. Some have even chosen, for example, Facebook or twitter, to remove hundreds of accounts of opponents of the Algerian regime, contrary to their attitude to the protests in Hong Kong. Similarly, this contradiction has been observed in some states that took clear positions when it came to Venezuela, Russia, Turkey … etc … The message of the people is clear and consistent, as said a great thinker, “yatnahaw Ga3” (the departure of the whole system). The monologues of the regime to maintain themselves and the proposed elections, are only an extension of this system, a tinkering with the regime and a recycling of former leaders.

The people have understood this, they are constantly talking and showing their determination to apply article 7 of the constitution. Sovereignty belongs to the Algerian people. The media can not continue to ignore this revolution and ignore the desire for freedom and justice of millions of Algerians around the world. The essential message conveyed is that of establishing a lasting and comprehensive peace. The signatories below call on the responsibility of each media to cover, with dignity and loyalty, this Algerian revolution.


Collective of Algerians of Strasbourg, Lachemi Belhocine, in Switzerland, Lawyer and President of the global collective of Algerians: Algerians without borders (ASF). Collective for a Democratic and Social Alternation in Algeria (CADSA) Marseille Hafid Madouni, economist, Spain Dalila Abdet, publicist, Great Britain Rekibi Youcef, anesthetist, in Switzerland Nordine Said, anesthetist, in Switzerland Toufik Said, computer engineer, in Switzerland Rym Bourezzak, Cardiac Surgeon, Algeria Bachir Djillali, Veterinarian, Canada. Ammour Saïd, doctor, Strasbourg, France Collectif Hirak in Canada

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